What better way to show your love for your favorite band than to display them proudly over your shoulder?  Our Backstage Bag® record purses are made with the album cover on one side and the actual (damaged or unplayable) album on the other.  What sets our Backstage Bags® apart from other record purses on the market you ask? Each of our purses are meticulously handcrafted with all leather gusset and straps. They are fully lined with designer fabrics and feature 4 interior pockets.  A magnetic top closure seals the deal. In addition, the cover is coated with a crystal clear resin to protect and highlight the artwork.  Each is truly one of a kind and a must have for the music and vinyl fanatic in your life! 

As our Backstage Bag® record purses are made from vintage, unplayable records, normal wear is to be expected on the cover and album.

A few of the currently available Backstage Bag record purses.  Visit our store to order yours today!

Some Backstage Bags from the past......

Super Serious Backstage Bag Record Purse Care Guide

Do Not leave in direct sunlight - the sun really hates records. This has been an issue since the great Sun Records Copyright War of 1952.

Do Not leave in your car - Again, the sun really hates records.

Do Not eat, consume, or ingest - Seriously, you'd be surprised at just how often I have to say this.

Do Not use as a floatation device - You and your next of kin will be greatly disappointed.

Do wipe clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

Do store in a cool, dry place when not showing it off and making other insanely jealous of the incredibly cool purse you just bought.

Do proudly wear/display your purchase. Let everyone know you love vinyl!